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Rain, Rain, Go Away

Sunday, August 21, 2005
Today we had a whole slew of heavy rainstorms, each one heavier than the last. After a particularly heavy one around 6pm, the air cooled down and clouds settled onto the island. I hopped on my scooter to see if there was anything to photograph, figuring I wouldn't go far and it looked like the rain was mostly past.

"How nice." Thought I, as I stood on a little empty beach and watched a rainbow come out. I didn't notice that behind the rainbow the sky was becoming quite dark, and the wind had gone completely still. A drop landed on my hand, and I decided it was time to head back home. I put my camera in the compartment under my seat and headed home. Except I must have made a number of wrong turns because all of a sudden I was in someone's driveway and the rain was getting harder. About ten frantic minutes later, I arrived back home, soaked to the skin (except under my supremely effective rain jacket) and cold. I put my clothes out to dry and stayed indoors for the rest of the evening.

Speaking of staying home, I've got the internet at home now, so the is the first post from home. Tomorrow morning I leave at 6 to go the Saijo city for "language and culture training," whatever that is. I'll be back on Friday afternoon.