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A Busy Day

Sunday, May 07, 2006
It started out at Higashino Junior High.

After a morning of teaching, we had activity time, and I chose to go along with the Science adventure group. We went out into the bamboo forest behind the school to dig up takenoko - literally bamboo child - bamboo shoots. It's the season for fresh takenoko, and we went to see them in their natural habitat.

First we had to cross the one-student-at-a-time rusty bridge. Incidentally, the turquoise of the student's gym jackets seems to have broken my camera.

In the bamboo forest, the kids broke off into groups, looking for shoots, but also just looking around and enjoying the place.

Takenoko: found!

I partook in the digging. Thank you to Mochizuki Sensei for taking this picture.

After that was done, I got in my car and went to Kinoe Junior high, where after a full day of classes we had neighborhood cleaning time. Every day at the end of the day Japanese students clean their school, but every now and then they have a special cleaning day where everything around the school gets cleaned. I was dispatched to the first year's cleaning, weeding and raking the roads around the school.

I want a Japanese junior high gym outfit.

She really didn't want me to take her picture, but I did, and now I am posting it on the internet.

My kids!

After school, I headed home and met up with Mori. We actually did time trials to and from Kinoe Junior High. There are three roads from my house to the school - they are all very different in length and terrain, but our times were 12:35, 12:30, and 11:44. The fastest one is actually the longest distance, and getting that time involved hitting 100 km/h on a winding coast road. I'll stick to the other roads, but it was a good time. The third trial left us back at Kinoe, so we stopped to look at the view off the far side of the island.

No sunsets here, they are in Osaki, on the other side.

What a handsome gentleman.

On the way back, Mori was playing with my camera and took a bunch of pictures that I really like - they are very evocative of driving on the island, and I'm glad I have them. Here are two of them.

Nice job, Mori.

Don't think for a minute that I'd miss the sunset though.

The next day I didn't do much other than heading down to the dock to see the Nakayoshi Maru off on a fishing trip...

...watering my flowers and clove of garlic I decided to plant...

...and hanging out with my cat.